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My name is Aman (pronounced uh-mun). I am an Indian-American poet from Artesia, CA. As the child of immigrants, I am untraditional in my approach. If there’s a rule, I break it. If there’s a boundary, I push. If there’s a pen or a microphone in front of me, I am my most powerful and unapologetic self. I graduated from UCLA in 2014 with a degree in Creative Writing, and have since immersed myself into written and performance poetry, competing in venues and slams across the country. 

I am a National Poetry Slam finalist, a member of the 2016 & 2017 Hollywood (DPL) Slam Team, and a teaching artist in Los Angeles and Long Beach county. My writing is heavily tied to my work as an educator, activist, and intersectional feminist, pushing the envelope in my dissection of personal and political identity. My work has been featured on All Def Poetry, The Huffington Post, Vibe, and Button Poetry. If you are interested in booking me for a performance or workshop, please fill out the booking form and I will be in touch!

- Aman K. Batra

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Combo Pack

In my debut collection of poetry, I explore themes of love, identity, and culture. Both of these books go hand in hand (pun intended), and serve as reflections of my healing through the written word.

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Stolen Thing

The telling of my hyphenated identity. Each poem highlights ways in which white supremacy, anti-blackness, or xenophobia present themselves in simple forms — a concert, a 4th of July celebration, conversations with my mother, and more.

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Dripping Love

Dripping Love is the continual exploration of a romantic relationship, documenting the unfolding the ways in which I rise and fall in love. This is some of my rawest and most vulnerable work, it has never been shared on social media before.

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